Bubble Tea Records was founded by four friends who share a love of alternative music. All four of us have many years experience of playing in bands who have toured the UK and further afield. Two of us are heavily involved in booking and promoting gigs for touring bands too. Over the years we have played with and booked for a variety of excellent bands and musicians. We have often had conversations with each other asking why have this band not made it bigger? Why have they not gained more exposure?
On the back of one of these conversations we decided we wanted to do something to help promote some of the bands we have had the pleasure of working with and listening to over the years. We decided the best way to do this was to form a record label, so Bubble Tea Records was formed.


Feel free to give us a shout!
If you are a good band and are serious about gigging please get in touch. If you are a good venue/promoter and are wanting good bands sent your way then just send us an email.

Introduce yourself with an email to josh@bubbletearecords.com or you can hit us up on facebook or twitter by using links at top and bottom of the page.