The ongoing saga began in Ayr way back in 2001, when brothers Josh and Chris moved to Scotland, still teenagers. Back in the States, the pair had been dedicated to learning guitar and bass respectively, taking inspiration from the records of NOFX, Reel Big Fish and No Doubt. As soon as they were old enough to blag into gigs, the duo threw themselves into the local Scottish live scene, and found altogether heavier inspiration from the UK’s own ska-punk underground of bands such as CapdownLightyear and King Prawn, introduced to them by friends Callum (drums) and Steve (trombone). It was only natural that this transatlantic cross-pollination would find its outlet in a band of their own, and – aided and abetted by Ruaridh on trumpet – The Hostiles were born. Across an album, EPs, tracks on compilations in Japan, USA,UK and Italy, and support slots, festival appearances and even a four-week European tour, The Hostiles never stopped honing their sound and writing tracks for their long-awaited second album.

Following their interim Late Nights… And Early Hours EP (revealing the band’s current, harder-edged sound) and the single ‘For A Good Time Call 07946058526’, (the video for which featured Scottish model Amanda Hendrick) The Hostiles are finally back in the studio. The follow-up to Always Looking Forward is set for release in 2016 and promises to deliver the knockout blow required for The Hostiles to rise from the ranks of cult contenders to stake their claim as heavyweight, ska-punk champions of the world.